Pakistan Concessions & Facilities

Haseeb Surface Facility

Client: Hycarbex American Energy   Country: Pakistan
Field/Plant Hasseb Gas Field   Starup Time: October 2008
      Finish Time August 2009



EPCC Engineering, Procurement, Cnstruction & Commissioning of

Haseeb Gas Field Development.


SPEC being an original equipment manufacturer also supplied

following equipment from it's fabrication facilities located in USA,UAE

and Pakistan:



Three phase production Separator


Amine sweetening unit



  • Inlet Filter separator
  • Bubble cap tray Amine Absorber
  • Amine Stripper
  • Cattle Type Amine Reboiler
  • Lean amine air Cooler
  • Reflux condenser
  • Plunger type Amine Charge pumps
  • Centrifugal type amine Booster and reflux pumps
  • Plate and frame type amine heat Exchanger
  • Sock and Charcoal amine Filters
  • Amine Drain tank with level transmitter and submersible pump


Glycol Dehydration Unit



  • Bubble cap tray type Glycol absorber
  • Glycol Flash drum
  • Glycol reboiler with Direct natural gas Burner and honey
     well controller Burner -management system
  • Plunger type glycol Charge Pumps of
  • Air Cooled glycol Exchanger
  • Double pipe type glycol /glycol exchanger
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